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Happy Easter!

Thank you for your lovely easter banner and wishes from nerdyjae and "Dark Horse Prince" chapter 3 still in progress LOL stay turns for more chapter and thank you for your supports :D jusce's Art Museum is back with new layout and new update :D click here to view and we have new affies, feel free to check them out! :) f(x) comeback with their new song "Danger" and Victoria became more and more beautiful! And I still want to say "GIVE VICTORIA MORE SOLO SCENES PLEASE!" Every time cameraman focus more on Sulli and Krystal which make me feel unfair to Luna, Amber and Victoria of course ~_~ I know they're famous then those three but you have to know that what fair is call fair! >.< and X-5 debut for their first album as 5 boys. Not bad, they even said that they want to become as a group like their respect and favourites the most senior TVXQ subaenim! Not bad for their first target and hwaitings :D I'm still obsesses with Secret Garden! Oh no, I can't stop obsesses with it but I'm feel great I'm obsesses with it :P I think I'm crazy OMO LOL ♥


9:30 PM ▲ Saturday, April 23, 2011
New Update

Hey! I'm so sorry for the long wait. :P One month later, chapter 2 have been updated YEAH! And we're back we new layout with new links button. We're now open for affiliates, if you love to be affies with us, do tag us *bleh* EX2PHANTOM, JUSCE'S ART MUSEUM, LAYOUTHOLIC & DLESSCIX is on major HIATUS. Sorry for not replying all your message cause I'm busy with my school. ^-^" Hope you will understand and thanks for your understanding. I'll update chapter 3 as fast as I can and I hope you guys enjoy reading, "Dark Horse Prince" is based on Chinese. I'm sorry if you don't understand cause my English sucks! -__-" And I have designed new poster for Dark Horse Prince Chapter 2 and I will design more and more LOL. I just love Secret Garden. *peace* HyunBin Oppa is JIANG! LOL

This is a fanmade video and I would like to say this video maker is just so good. She or He cut all the part of Kim Joo Woon's scream LOL JUST LOVE IT! :P I'm feel so free now and peace after settle my best friend problems. Pwee... And all I want to say is thank you for supporting my fanfic and feel free to leave a message at cbox also this site, I will update more fanfic after I finish "Dark Horse Prince" but not so fast. So stay turn for new chapter new update. :) See you next time and I'll reply my cbox as soon as possible.


3:17 AM ▲ Tuesday, April 5, 2011


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